Posted by: lancette1 | April 26, 2010

Amazing Race: Air heads inch closer to travesty — and $1 million

All bubbles, no brains

One of my all-time most disliked teams on “Amazing Race” — Brent and Catie — inched closer to a travesty tonight when they remained in contention for the $1 million prize. ¬†I’m rooting against them because they’re making Southerners look bad. Note to the nation: Despite the inaccurate ¬†stereotype that still exists in some people’s minds, we’re not as empty-headed and prejudiced as the young South Carolina models.

I don’t want to see that kind of ignorance rewarded with a million dollars and a life of ease. No one needs to see any more of the kind of life’s injustices that make it hard to keep trying to do the right things every day.

The duo got on my nerves early when it became clear they could only refer to one of the teams competing against them as “the lesbians” and “the mean lesbians”. I don’t believe they once called that team by their names, Carol and Brandy.

To be clear, Caitlin Upton made it obvious early on in her modeling career that she is no scholar. Her spectacular display of brain cells gone wild has already drawn more 41 million views on a YouTube clip of her Miss Teen USA performance. Even now, she can’t speak for more than a few seconds with out splintering sentences with the word “like”. The looks of abject bewilderment on hers and boyfriend Brent’s faces on each Amazing Race challenge has only enhanced their ranking among brainless reality TV contestants.

Still, it was the constant derogatory references to Carol and Brandy that make them look so bad, even after the models eliminated them using one of the strategies available in the show. (Had they been smarter, they would have eliminated stronger competitors rather than the foes they vanquished, as even another team has mentioned.)

You could argue that Carol and Brandy initiated the bad will when one of them made fun of Catie for her career as an alleged beauty queen. Carol and Brandy thus violated one of my golden rules on how to compete: Never taunt even the most inferior and unqualified of opponents because it may come back to haunt you. Sadly, Carol and Brandy also promptly violated my second rule after they got bounced: Exit with grace when you get embarrassed by losing to a pair of air heads on national television.

Neither offense justifies the small-minded slurs Brent and Catie kept tossing at Carol and Brandy. I realize that injustice is a part of life on planet Earth but I have my fingers crossed that Brent and Catie don’t finish first when the show concludes in May. Vapid people should not be blessed with such good fortune.



  1. what a fun blog! I don’t watch Amazing Race, but would like to hear your thoughts on other reality shows, such as Jersey Shore or Atlanta Housewives. I don’t get to watch too much TV, but never miss an episode of Modern Family!

  2. As dumb as these people sound, that’s probably half the reason why the show is so fun to watch. Nice post!

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